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Minnesota is a state in northeast quarter of US, which is very cold in winters. It has many lakes, over 10,000 of various sizes, where people can swim, fish, do boating.

Minnesota has one of the largest shopping centers in the world, namely Mall of America.

University of Minnesota which has 4 campuses, including the ones in twin citiies Minneapolis and St. Paul has over 50k students. it is among top 20 universities in several branches in US according various ranking criteria.

One of the longest rivers in the world, Mississippi pass through Minnesota in particular city of Minneapolis. There are many bridges connecting West Bank and East Bank. One of those bridges collapsed about 10 years ago.

Minnesota means clean blue water or something similar. This name was given by "American Indians" who were living in this region. Many other places have names starting with minne-, such as Minnetonka, Minnehaha,..

Music education is popular in Minnesota. Higher percentage of population play a musical instrument in Minnesota than most US states.

About 70 percent of current Minnesotans are of German or Scandinavian origin.

Largest airport in Minnesota is Minneapolis-St.Paul international airport.

Valley Fair is a popular place to visit in summers. See picture above.